Pia Zoti

“Well before the Owl Eyes business opened their doors, I used the baby-sitting services of Hannah. So gladly, when she decided to join forces with Lisa I knew that they would do well.

The care and well-being of my children, like any parent is my ultimate priority and I have absolutely no reservations in recommending their services.

Owl Eyes Nanny & Babysitters can definitely can be trusted to look after your children.

Certainly one of the most credible attributes of the Owl Eyes team, are their communication skills. I am never left wondering how my kids are going and this allows me to feel at ease, and confident that my children are being cared for 100%.

As a mother, I have feelings of guilt when I am not with them all the time. When my kids are with Owl Eyes babysitters I just know that my kids adore them. On occasions when I have been away from them and those feelings come into my mind – I happen to check my phone, and there it is – a photo message from the babysitter of my little ones playing/sleeping/eating/being cheeky! It sets my mind at ease.

I have personally used Hannah for over 3 years on a regular basis. She is professional, courteous, well-trained, well-mannered, family oriented, loving and caring. Her honesty and reliability are two of her best traits. I come home to a tidy home, well-fed, smiling children and a complete run-down of the day’s happenings. It’s a bonus to find babysitters who are willing go that extra mile.

I have had many occasions where Hannah, Lisa, and Caitlin have also educated my kids in some form including drawing, singing, sensory play, alphabet, cooking and even making beautiful paintings or photo boards. To arrive home to that is such a treat. I have also used Owl Eyes for parties and they were fantastic. Old school Twister was awesome fun!”