Andrea Pienaar

We have had babysitters and a full time nanny through Owl Eyes and all the girls sent have been great. We have had Ellie and Megan as a nanny for my three boys aged 5, 3 and 1 but mostly for my 1 year old. They have been fabulous, tidy and respectful and capable of wrangling my three boys! Leaving a baby with a nanny is a stressful time for a mum but it was great knowing he was in good hands. Also coming home to settled kids and a tidy house is so fabulous. Megan has taken my one year old to toddler gym, the park and organised play dates with other kids. It’s so great knowing he’s not just left at home all day and that she has the confidence to get out and about with him. He’s so happy when I get home and I can tell he’s been well cared for. Both nannies are also happy to do school pick up’s and drop offs which is a huge help. I think there is always a great balance between house work being done and the kids being attended to which is (for me) a great combination! My husband and I also now feel confident leaving our kids with a babysitter who can put them to bed so we can have a night out without worrying.