Screened Babysitters

The Nannies and Babysitters Owl Eyes refer will have the following documents (or be willing to obtain before being placed with a family)

  • Working With Children Check (WWCC)
  • Police Clearance
  • First Aid

as well as various of the following (subject to each individual)

  • Childcare related Qualifications
  • Asthma & Anaphylaxis Training
  • Child Protection Training
  • Food Safety

and more….

Play Dates

Through the Owl Eyes Nanny Network we have created, our Nannies have the ability to communicate with one another and organise play dates with other Owl Eyes Nannies that care for Children the same age. 

Where they can take your Children to parks, on walks and for activities* with one another, which means that not only are your Children experiencing personal one-on-one care, they are not missing out on the interactive/social play with other Children that they may experience in an alternative childcare setting.

*every Nanny provided through the Owl Eyes Service appreciates that they must ask permission from the Family before leaving the house and partaking in activities with the Children.